John Dies at the End

Factual error: When Dave shoots Justin 8 times, he empties the magazine of his semi-auto handgun, but he continues pulling the trigger, and the gun clicks several times. Semi-auto handguns do not "click" when they are empty, because it's impossible to pull the trigger. Also, the slide of Dave's handgun does not lock in the open position when the magazine is empty, as it should.

Charles Austin Miller

Roger North: Do the bees know they make the honey for you, or do they work tirelessly because they think it is their own choice?

Dave: Uh, Shelly. John and I are having a bit of a problem here. We're both seeing completely different versions of you. Now, John here has eyesight problems 'cause of his constant masturbation, but I - I don't think.

Dave: And then, calm. Almost Zen. That's what came next, that Soy Sauce feeling. I wanted to run, to duck, to act. But the body is a slow wet mechanism of muscle and bone that crept, even as my mind flew. And so just like that, I stepped outside of it.

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