Crazy Taxi

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Bug: Sometimes when picking up a fare and the car is not lined up, they will walk through the car and get in.

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Bug: If you drive by the church which is by the helipad, a helicopter tends to follow you around for a short distance. There are trees all over by the church, and the helicopter flies low, passing right through them like they don't exist.

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Bug: After a fare gets out of your cab, if you quickly spin the car around before the fare clears it, they just pass through the car.

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Bug: Sometimes when the taxi stops, if it happens to be on a set of steps a certain way, it will start bouncing up and down in one spot like a jackhammer. Fares getting in or out of the taxi seem unaffected by this also.

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Audio problem: When driving underwater, the driver and the fare both still speak with perfect voices. Not hindered by water at all, despite being in a topless convertible.

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Bug: Character Gus: When you select Gus from the drivers menu, he turns to the camera and says "Hey hey, let's have some fun!" The tail of his Hawaiian shirt passes through his hips and pants.

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