Bug: Episode 2, Get Tannen: In the final showdown sequence, Edna tries to get out of the garage while Marty is distracting Kid. If Kid notices Edna on the first attempt, he then starts shooting at her. When he starts shooting, his arms literally go through the wall.

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Bug: Episode 2, Get Tannen: When the man at the speakeasy says "Who told you to come here?", answer the question with Hieronymus Bosch. After this line, the man at the speakeasy can be seen with his head literally through the door. Then he pulls his head back into the speakeasy door. This will only happen if he says "What will you do tomorrow?"

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Bug: Episode 3, Citizen Brown: Walk about two meters away from the smashed DeLorean. Marty's feet go through the ground.

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Episode 1, It's About Time: The DeLorean first disappears at the mall with two lines of flames behind it. The flames disappear far too quickly.



Episode 1, It's About Time: After going to the Soup Kitchen to find out 1931 Doc works at the courthouse, return to the jail cell where old 1931 is. This isn't visible on the 4 choices you go down even after the "I saw my Grandpa!" choice. There will be a "About Kid Tannen" choice. Just wanted to let you know since it isn't visible on the 4 choices.