Question: What is the best order to use to defeat each boss?

Chosen answer: Snake Man - Gemini Man - Needle Man - Magnet Man - Hard Man - Top Man - Shadow Man - Spark Man.

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Not sure if this can be done on today's consoles but, this could actually be accomplished on the original NES. Two controllers must be plugged into the NES. Take a heavy item [i.e. A book or stapler.] and place it on the right directional button on the second controller and keep it there. Next, fall into a pit and wait for an enemy to go over the pit. When this happens, Megaman's energy will be completely depleted. After that happens, press the jump button on the first controller and Megaman will jump out of the pit and will now be invincible throughout the rest of the level as long as the right directional controller on the second stays pressed down. Note: this will only work when playing the first part of the game which involves Dr. Wily's minions but, won't work when the player makes it to Dr. Wily's lair.