Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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Bug: Zombies-Buried: In the Haunted Mansion, there is part where a book shelf slides back and forth by the wall where you find a hallway you must pass through. The Ghosts are usually waiting on the other side and rush at you the moment the book shelf slides to the side. But sometimes, the Ghosts will be partly stuck to the wall in the hall way and can't move, easily killed with a few shots before unhindered ghosts begin to take their place.

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Bug: Zombies - Green Run: A player is hurt slightly by fire, and critically by the lava pools. Players are 'downed' if they stand in the lava for even a couple seconds. But once downed, a player can crawl around all he wants in the lava totally unaffected by it. If you're revived while in lava, you almost instantly are downed again by it.

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Other mistake: Zombies - Origins: On this map only, there is a power up you can get called Zombie Blood that will make the player invisible to zombies for a short period of time. When under the effects, the player cannot hear any sounds in the environment around them, no gunfire or other zombies, except their own character's voice and grunts. That is how the power up works. If playing on split screen, and the second player gets Zombie Blood, the effects happen this way as normal and the first player is not affected. However, if player one gets it, the sound is also muted on the second player's screen as well.

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Bug: Zombies: sometimes after killing a zombie, its hat or helmet will stay hovering in the air.

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Revealing mistake: Zombies: Some of the zombies will flail their arms around to the sides as they move, especially when running. If the zombie walks through a small, single doorway, the arm will pass right through the wall. This is especially noticeable in Nuke Town, where blackened zombie arms pass through white painted walls.

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Bug: Zombies-Buried: If you have The Giant holding a crawler, and shoot him, he will throw the crawler on the ground and stomp it. But sometimes a glitch happens, where the animation is messed up. The Giant does the motions, and the crawler acts like it's been stomped, but it jumps up and is sitting on The Giant's head.

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Continuity mistake: In the first level on the boat, there is a red crate in the center of the boat. If you get on top, you can see inside. You'll just see a room... With nothing. Open the crate and see bodies. They weren't there before.

Bug: Partway through the boat level, on the third or fourth room on an inside layer (top floor), there will be some square-shaped hole with a hand bar around it. If you jump on to the hand bar, you will be stuck and won't be able to move an inch. If you try to move, the screen will just rotate. The only way to get off will be to get killed.

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