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HEY THIS GAME IS GREAT! I like it, anyway my progression of that game is still on 95% and I almost have 100%. If I get it all complete. My game unlocked the Character Viewer after I beaten the Dirty Bubble on Level Five! Was a good game.

Bug: Level Five: If you collected all five of Mama Krabs' pearls, go to her. Then complete all of the tasks. Then beat the Dirty Bubble atop the Sea Needle. If you did it. You will be exiting the game. And checking your progress is that is still saying "99%" if you find a way to get 100% you will finish the game. (00:50:20 - 00:50:50)

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Trivia: The "I Married A Sea Bear" article from the SpongeBob episode "The Camping Episode" is seen on the desk next to the TV in Shady Shoal's Retirement Home.

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Chosen answer: The Industrial Park appeared in the episode "Pre-Hibernation Week" as one of SpongeBob and Sandy's "bike rides through the park".

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