Audio problem: In SpongeBob's House: Upstairs, walk up to the clock and push "Use the Alarm Clock". There is then a pic of the clock and we can hear the clock ticking. But there is no sign of the clock hands moving.

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Level Five: After finishing the mission to defeat The Dirty Bubble atop the Sea Needle, the game completes, the Dirty Bubble is stopped and Bikini Bottom is saved from the little dirty bubbles infecting them. After saving the day, the game lets you go back to Bikini Bottom to finish off some other missions, but despite this the citizens are still infected by the little dirty bubbles and if you go back to the Sea Needle, the Dirty Bubble is still waiting there and reading to be battled again.



The "I Married A Sea Bear" article from the SpongeBob episode "The Camping Episode" is seen on the desk next to the TV in Shady Shoal's Retirement Home.