Call of Duty: Black Ops

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Revealing mistake: If a player has a rocket launcher on their back as a secondary weapon, sometimes after getting killed, the death animation has the character throwing his head back. The back of the long rocket launcher tube goes into his head.

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Factual error: The CZ 75, ASP 9, MAC-11, MP5K Prototype, Spectre M4, PM-63 RAK, OTs-02 Kiparis, FAMAS F1 FELIN, AKS-74U, IMI Galil ARM, Steyr AUG, G11K2, Enfield XL64, SPAS-12, KS-23, L96A1, WA 2000, PSG-1, SA-14 Gremlin, M202 FLASH, BGM-71 TOW missile, AGS-30, M203,GP-30, Masterkey, and GSN-19 Kanarejka were not around in the game's time frame.


Factual error: 2011 Model Jeeps weren't around in the 1960's.


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