Sonic Rush

5 mistakes

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Audio problem: When you're playing Blaze, at the end of almost all the Boss Stages, you hear Eggman say 'You'll regret this' but the subtitle at the bottom of the screen says 'I won't forget this'.

Other mistake: This is only seen when you are playing Blaze. When Sonic and Blaze are talking halfway through their battle against one another, Sonic's speech bubbles say 'I admire your fortitude but Carrying the entire world on your shoulders?' but he is halfway through a sentence, so the second speech bubble shouldn't have a capital c.

Bug: In Mirage Road, press the down arrow just as you are passing the finishing star on the raft at the end. Part of the screen at the bottom will be cut off, leaving a black space.

Other mistake: At the back of the box there is a typing error. It says "Includes wireless play and new a mysterious female companion created exclusively for Sonic Rush!", but it's supposed to be "a new mysterious female companion".

Audio problem: In every Blaze boss battle, you can sometimes hear Eggman uttering "Hit him" even though Blaze is a girl.

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