Trivia: If you complete all the Taxi missions, you get rewarded with an awesome mod on all taxis. Now, any taxi anywhere in the game has NOS, and has the ability to jump by pressing R3 (or XBox equivalent).

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Trivia: The 3 cities in this game actually represent and are supposed to loosely mirror 3 real cities. Los Santos is Los Angeles, California. San Fierro is San Francisco, California. And Los Venturas is Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Trivia: If you zoom in on the moon with the sniper rifle and shoot it, it will change size.

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Trivia: In the mission "Farewell, my love...", the new boyfriend of CJ's ex-girlfriend is Claude, the player character from Grand Theft Auto III. Claude also makes a small appearance in the mission "Wu Zi Mu" where he hangs around in the background before the race starts.

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[After finishing with a hooker.]
CJ: Hope I don't get pregnant.



When attacking people in a restaurant, some of them that are sitting will slump over and 'die' with their heads on the table. Yet they are still alive in the game. But you can't lock on to them. You can't kill or hurt them ether. Blood splats, but nothing else. Punching, using melee weapons, shooting, using the chain saw, and even throwing grenades of other uses of explosives doesn't do a thing to them but splatter a little blood. Yet this supposedly 'dead' person will still talk to you if you bump them. Sometimes they'll still do the random compliment or insult and you can still have CJ respond to them.