Other mistake: All the registers in each fast food restaurant say Burger Shot on the screen, even The Clucken Bells and the Pizza Stack.

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Other mistake: If you enter the police station in Dillimore (in Red County), the loading screen states you're entering "LSPD HQ", which isn't correct. LSPD HQ is in Los Santos, in Pershing Square. However, the two stations are identical in appearance, and the only major difference is Dillimore's police station has the "Country-style" cops while LSPD HQ has the "City-style" cops.

Other mistake: In any cut scene where a pistol is used it appears black. but when the mission starts and you use it, it is silver.

Other mistake: In the mission where you go to meet some leaders of the rival gang on the first island (at the motel) and the cops bust it up, a helicopter with 'LAPD' written on the side flies over, which should be LSPD.

Other mistake: Enter Prolaps on Rodeo and the windows of the shop are flat inline with the door, but if you go outside the shop is on a corner.

Other mistake: CJ can order his gang members to attack a cop, and the cop won't do anything, except sometimes run away. They can shoot at, hit, and knife the cops, with any retaliation being rare. But all CJ has to do during the attack is point a gun in the cop's direction and suddenly the cop is all about trying to bust or waste CJ.

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Other mistake: If you pick up a hooker in a convertible and park, CJ and the hooker do their typical thing and the camera angle forces a low angle so you can't see in the windows as the car begins rocking and the two make sexual moans. But if you do this in a convertible, you can still see CJ and the hooker just sitting still in the front seats facing forward, not moving at all except for their mouths moving when they talk. The same can be seen if you manage the difficult task of getting a hooker in a car with the doors broken off.

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Other mistake: On a motorbike you can fire a weapon with your right hand and still accelerate, even though the throttle is on the right hand of the bars.

Other mistake: If you go in a Cluckin' Bell fast food restaurant, look at the glass dispenser - the glasses say Burger Shot, the other fast food chain in the game.

Other mistake: Girlfriend Helena: At 50% progress, as with all the girlfriends, you the game tells you you get the keys to Helena's vehicle to use. However, Helena's Bandit is unlocked from date one.

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[After finishing with a hooker.]
CJ: Hope I don't get pregnant.



When attacking people in a restaurant, some of them that are sitting will slump over and 'die' with their heads on the table. Yet they are still alive in the game. But you can't lock on to them. You can't kill or hurt them ether. Blood splats, but nothing else. Punching, using melee weapons, shooting, using the chain saw, and even throwing grenades of other uses of explosives doesn't do a thing to them but splatter a little blood. Yet this supposedly 'dead' person will still talk to you if you bump them. Sometimes they'll still do the random compliment or insult and you can still have CJ respond to them.



If you zoom in on the moon with the sniper rifle and shoot it, it will change size.