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Bug: There is a glitch where you can walk in the gray/green space that the place was created in any playground. You need a friend. You click on their name, then click "Whisper" and say "Can you teleport to me?" When you see the whisper that "(insert toon name here) is coming to visit you", wait a little, then go through the door. They will teleport near you, and outside of the door (and in the Grayspace). Then, if it worked, you can teleport to them and be in it too. This helps you get to the pillow glitch, which is accomplished by running around Donald's Dreamland in the Gray, and getting to the pillow. Then just jump.

Bug: Flying in Estate/Donald's Dock. This glitch allows you to walk up and down on air. Be careful though, as when you are in Donald's Dock you can get stuck. Get into the water so that your head is above the surface. Jump up and back and at the same time open your Shticker Book (the best place for this Glitch in Donald's Dock is on the island). To tell if it worked, press the up arrow. If the water sound goes away, it worked. Get back into the water (without closing the book) and click the "Exit Toontown" button. Click OK. When you start to teleport away, press the up arrow. You will run up, and up, and up.

Bug: If you continually press Esc and Ctrl very quickly simultaneously under a fishing dock in Donald's Dock, you will be able to walk around with your fishing pole. Cast when the timer gets low, and go to the Fisherman when you have too few jellybeans.

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