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Corrected entry: During the level of Halo "Truth and Reconciliation", during the cut scene just after rescuing Cpt. Keyes, he tells you that he overheard the Covenant discussing the Ringworld and that it is a weapon, when in fact during Halo 2 when you get a greater insight into the Covenant religion, the Covenant believe it is a relic allowing them to begin the Great Journey.

Correction: The Covenant do know that the Halo rings are weapons. Their great journey is going into the after life with the forerunners basically. Activating the Halo weapons wipes out all life in the galaxy so they would be going on their journey.

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On the multiplayer level of Zanzibar, this is done with a Specter. The the right side of the generator building, there is some rubble and a door with 3 Plasma grenades next to it. The natural wall next to the building is at an almost 90 degree angle. If you hit this wall just right with the Specter, it will suddenly begin climbing the wall almost straight up and it will take you to the roof of the generator building.



On the second level (Outskirts) there are newspaper clippings all around the building walls. If you look at one of them, you will find a snapshot of Master Chief shooting a turret in a another secret level that was not put in to the game.