007 Nightfire

4 mistakes

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Character mistake: During the exchange level (first level) if you jump in the truck and the guards don't notice you, you'll eventually get to the gate. You'll hear the guy driving the truck say that there are 20 cases of wine. But if you count all the cases there are only 19.

Continuity mistake: During the first cutscene of Phoenix Fire you can notice that the gun 007 takes is a Walther P2K, but when you start playing the game it is a different gun.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning sequence of the level "Phoenix Fire", when Bond falls on the elevator and shoots the glass, there are three mistakes. First, where did he get the gun to shoot the glass? He couldn't have stole it from a Yakuza, since they only had machine guns. Second, from the sound of the gun firing, you can tell he is using a Kowloon Type 40 gun, but when you start the level, he has a Raptor Magnum instead. And third, Dominique's dead body disappears after her fall and is never seen again.

Bug: In the first level on the PC version towards the end when you go down the stairs to where the cable car is, when you kill the guard in the suit if you walk up to him and talk to him he still talks even though he is dead.

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