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Corrected entry: Although the game takes place just before Resident Evil 2, there are blue road blocks on the streets that do not appear in RE 2. The same is true for blocked doors in the police station.

Correction: The blocked doors in the police station are explained in RE2, mainly the operation reports found on the first floor of the RPD in the briefing room and the small office near the photo lab. Prior to Carol's chapter in RE3 the game is set in the 24 hours before RE2 has taken place. During this time there were still survivors trapped within the RPD building. Sometime after Jill's visit the station is overrun and everyone is killed. Marvin, unconscious at this time, would probably not know about this, hence him asking Claire or Leon to help the "Survivors in the other rooms" during the RE2 A scenario.

Corrected entry: Somewhere during the course of the game, Jill learns Nicholai's name, without anyone ever telling it to her. She calls it out during the explosion at the gas station. She couldn't have picked it up from anyone else, as Carlos only refers to him as 'Sergeant' prior to this scene.

Correction: Actually, she does know his name. When Jill first goes into the trolley where Carlos, Nicholai, and Mikhail are, Carlos introduces her to both Nicholai and Mikhail. Even after Nicholai refuses her help, Carlos says, "But Nicholai..." so she does learn his name early in the game.

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