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Corrected entry: All throughout the game: Leon and Claire want to escape Raccoon City. So, at the start the game, shouldn't they have driven out of the city, instead of driving to the police station?

Correction: Leon is on his first day of duty and believes that teaming up with his fellow cops is the best in this situation and Claire is searching for her brother. Both of them have a good motivation to stay in town. They don't decide to leave the city until they have reached the police station and found it infested with zombies too and Chris being missing.

Corrected entry: In the police station Nemesis breaks through a window, but Resident Evil 3 takes place before Resident Evil 2, and in Resident Evil 2 the window is undamaged.

Correction: Resident Evil 3 actually takes place during Resident Evil 2. The moment in question had not happened yet in the hallway of the police station. By the time Jill Valentine had entered the police station, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield were already gone.

Corrected entry: Watch carefully when the licker appears, as the body in the background completely disappears.

Correction: This isn't true. I just played the game and you can't see the body because Claire is in front of it (or whoever your playing). If you watch the whole sequence it shows the body when the "camera" moves.

Corrected entry: How do Leon and Claire get into Raccoon City without knowing about the zombie outbreak? In Resident Evil Outbreak it shows the army putting road blocks around the city and there are radio and TV reports in some Resident Evil Outbreak cutscenes that explain Raccoon has been put under martial law. It would have been impossible for Leon and Claire to go into the city without knowing that it was dangerous.

Correction: Claire and Leon reach town clearly before road blocks are installed around the city. At this time, only the bizarre incidents of Raccon forest have become public. The timeline is altered in Resident Evil 3, where road blocks appear despite taking place before RE 2. This is a script decision made after RE 2 was released, so RE 2 can't be blamed for this.

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With the special key, Claire can alter her clothes to a costume that is equipped with a Colt Single Action Army. But still she can fill it with 9mm parabellum which would be impossible.



Originally this game was going to be completely different, it even got though around 70-80% completion before being scrapped. Robert Kendo and Marvin (the gun shop owner and dying cop, respectively) were going to be Claire and Leon's partner characters, but when the game was scrapped as it played too much like the first game, they were given substantially smaller roles, both lasting barely more than five minutes each.