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Corrected entry: In act 5, Marcus asks Dom if he has the necessary data, which Dom confirms he does. After the final fight Dom escapes, and it's Marcus who uploads the data.

Correction: In the Ultimate Edition Dom hands the data to Marcus at the end.

Corrected entry: During the fight at the gas station Marcus and the other COG's drive away in that weird vehicle. There was a Stranded with them too, but in the next scene when you hear the lame music and Dom saying "Baird, turn that **** off" there is no Stranded to be seen. The Stranded is never seen again, or is never even mentioned.

Correction: You're talking about 2 different scenes. When they leave the gas station it's only Marcus, Dom, and the Stranded (he helps them by pointing out the position of the Kryll). Then the 3 arrive at the last battle of Act 2 (Last Stand), where the Stranded says "Looks like they could use your help". After this battle THEN the 4 cog soldiers re-unite where Marcus (not Dom) complains about the music, at this point the Stranded was left behind because they had no more use for him and there was no seat for him anyway.

Corrected entry: During the assault on the house towards the end of chapter 4, one of your teammates calls for help on the floor above you. The subtitles keep referring to the "second story" when it should be "second storey".

Correction: That's how it is spelled in American English.


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