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Character mistake: In the phone call from Nova, there is one branch of the conversation that starts with the protagonist asking "Shouldn't you have used this call to contact a lawyer or something?" But the protagonist IS a lawyer (amongst many other things).

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Suggested correction: Even lawyers will almost always hire another lawyer to do criminal defense.


This correction doesn't make sense. Nova is not a lawyer, the player (whom Nova is calling) IS a lawyer. The player isn't saying something like "why are you calling a lawyer", or "shouldn't you have called a criminal defense lawyer." Nova called a lawyer and the lawyer's response was "why didn't you call a lawyer."


Other mistake: In the last step of Willow's "phone fling", she says to you "And I've had...Fantasties" (typo for 'fantasies').

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Dr. Fumi: Stay home. Stay safe. Date waifus.

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