Revealing mistake: Dr. Wily activates the speed gear in his pod and flies over Auto, Roll, Dr. Light, and Rock to snatch up the robots at high speed. Auto is on the ground on his knees looking up at the other robots behind the group. As the screen is fading to white, just before it finishes, Auto is still visible when suddenly his character model snaps into a standing upright position shivering which is what his position would be after the fade to white disappears and the screen is normal. It seems the developers had intended the fade to white to mask the sudden change in positions of Auto's body, but it was still visible.

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Other mistake: At the beginning when Dr. Light, Roll, and Auto are running checkups and maintenance on the other robots, they are first checking over BlockMan. However the computer Auto is at typing and running tests shows readouts for MegaMan, not BlockMan.

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Auto: Roll, I ain't a machine... I mean I am, but still.

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