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Other mistake: In a lot of older games, a 2D sprite would just be flipped showing a character turning around, so older games it would be normal to have an item in a character's left hand but turn around and it be in the right. However this game is a 2.5 D game with 3D characters and most of them don't have this issue. Like Auto having a hook like extension as his right hand with it staying consistent to his right if he turns around. However when Rock (MegaMan) rushes in after Dr. Wily breaks in, he has a vacuum like broom device in his right hand. When Dr. Wily lifts off out of there, Rock turns around and suddenly the broom jumps to his left hand, staying towards the screen. You even see it stay in his right hand as he's turning but then suddenly jumps to his other hand.

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Other mistake: At the beginning when Dr. Light, Roll, and Auto are running checkups and maintenance on the other robots, they are first checking over BlockMan. However the computer Auto is at typing and running tests shows readouts for MegaMan, not BlockMan.

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Audio problem: In the opening cut scene, after the committee decides to go with Thomas Light's research and block Wily's it shows Wily holding his Double Gear prototype close to his face as he looks at it and shouts "Why?" You can then hear the audio sounds of him slamming the device down and breaking it but the image holding still just shows him looking at it while he continues speaking. Only after he asks why they are so blind, it fades to black and then another still image of him walking away with the device now smashed into pieces on the floor.

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MegaMan: I wanna do this, no mater the cost! Hook me up.

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