Question: Why was Bianca's father attempting to take her home instead of letting her continue her journey?

Question: If Vullaby's Pokedex entry says that her wings are too small to allow her to fly, how can she learn the move fly?

Question: Why is Vullaby's species name the "Diapered Pokemon?" She is depicted as always wearing a broken skull, so shouldn't she be called the "Skull Pokemon" instead?

New this month Answer: Vullaby is the bird Pokemon who wears the bottom of their broken shell giving it the appearance of a diaper. Cubone is the Pokemon who wears a skull as a helmet.


Question: Do you think N is a villain or an anti-hero?

Chosen answer: He is a hero.

Question: What are Karrablast and its evolution Escavalier based off?

Chosen answer: It is based off the Japanese snail eating beetle.



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