Revealing mistake: Episode 1: Night of the Mutants - On the beginning of page two, Sketch has to kick down a blue steel door. Sketch can leap into the air whilst kicking down the door. If Sketch misses the door, whilst he was jumping in the air and hits the area above it, the door still begins to get damaged anyway.

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Episode 1: Night of the Mutants - In the sewer, Sketch has to defeat Stigril. After doing that he then climbs down the comic strip and lands in another part of the sewer, where there are two barrels set on fire. Destroy these and leap to the next part of the comic. Visible to the left hand side of the image, is a skeleton. As Sketch leaps over the next part of the comic, the skeleton vanishes from shot.



If you pause the game, there will be a speech bubble shown next to Sketch's mouth reading "Paused at..." and then followed by the amount of time the game has been played. If you wait long enough, the speech bubble will change and say "SEGA!"