Other mistake: After Carrie levitates herself and goes outside, there's a wet spot on the concrete that's the size of both her feet, showing her landing spot from previous takes.

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Other mistake: The alternate director's cut ending available for viewing within the movie via seamless branching on the Blu Ray is very lazily cut into the film. The music from the previous scene cuts out abruptly when the scene begins, Sue's stunt double's face appears in a close-up shot, and the music from the ending credits abruptly cuts in partway through the song (rather than starting the song from the beginning) once the alternate ending is finished playing. The very end of Carrie's scream from the theatrical ending can also very briefly be heard at the same time the music begins.

Other mistake: The vice principal's mispronunciation of Carrie's name (immediately corrected by Miss Desjardin) is given as "Cassie" in the DVD subtitles, but as "Casey" in the audio. (00:11:07)

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Carrie White: If I concentrate hard enough I can make things move.

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Question: What phone does Sue have? I've been look all over Google for even some type of hint of what kind of phone it is but I have had no such luck.

Answer: I believe it's the Sony Xperia Tipo.

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