Corrected entry: In order to defeat Doomsday, Superman launches both him and the creature into space, and then plummets back down to Earth as a meteor. Yet... Superman takes Doomsday back down right in the middle of one of the most populated cities on Earth, Metropolis. The effect of their impact being little different than if a meteor had crashed in the heart of Metropolis, causing a huge crater, making several buildings fall, completely demolishing about a half mile or more radius, and causing incalculable property damage and structural damage to all the buildings in at least a 2 mile radius of the impact. Given the height they fall from, Superman definitely had time to angle themselves away from such a densely populated area. (00:26:20)

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Correction: If he wasn't fighting to keep Doomsday from escaping, of course he could have changed course. But Doomsday was fighting him the whole way down.


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In Metropolis on the bridge, Doomsday grabs a soldier and breaks his neck and skull. In that shot, the soldier's arms are inside Doomsday's hand and his hair is a light brown or gray. But then when the shot changes as Doomsday begins to throw the soldier to the side, the soldier's arms are suddenly outside of Doomsday's hand, and his hair is now black.



After Doomsday breaks out, he jumps at the laser drill rig and punches through the driver compartment and rips out the guy inside. When he throws him, this guy cries out in the iconic Wilhelm scream.