Planet of the Apes

Corrected entry: The purpose of the four astronauts leaving Earth was to find a new planet and repopulate it - with just one woman? The next generation would consist of siblings and half-siblings marrying each other.

Correction: The mission was to explore the planet, not to repopulate it. Taylor only mentions the girl because they lost their ship.

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Corrected entry: After the three astronauts woke up, they notice that they have large beards due to the time they spend in suspended animation. However, their hair hasn't grown an inch.

Correction: Facial hair (beards and moustaches) grow much faster than head hair. The three astronauts were probably shaved almost to the scalp before entering suspended animation.

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Corrected entry: In the final scene, Charlton Heston and the girl are heading south and the ocean is on their right, (and the lake they crashed in is out west), so we know they are on the west coast. So how does the Statue of Liberty wash up over there? Maybe the Apes kept the Panama Canal open.

Correction: You're assuming they are on the North American continent as it exists today. But they could be be on land that has risen from the Atlantic and are looking west over the ocean that used to be North America, the changes having been wrought by the same disasters that buried the Statue of Liberty in sand.

Corrected entry: An essential plot device is that the talking human doll proves humans were productive and creative before the ascent and takeover of the apes. This is absurd. We are shown repeatedly that the apes' entire society is based heavily upon the previous human one - this is a sneaky buildup to the end scene when we find out exactly why that is! So, in human society we have talking mice, ducks, rabbits, pigs, cats, dogs, snakes, elephants, fish, crabs: name the species, we have given them the ability to speak, walk upright, drive cars, in fact to adopt every human characteristic there is. Surely the logical assumption upon finding the talking human doll is that an ape toymaker created a talking human for the same reason humans created talking apes?

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. The talking human doll is not a plot device; just something that Taylor uses to help prove his point. Dr. Zaius already knows that humans once ruled the planet; he was just stuck for an explaination of why the doll talked when he first saw it. Given time he would have postulated that apes created it, but was interrupted by the attack on the cave.

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Continuity mistake: The first exterior shots of the spacecraft in the desert lake show the spaceship's hatch door already gone... before the astronauts blow it off with an explosive charge minutes later in the movie.

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George Taylor: Take your stinkin' paws off me, ya damn dirty ape.

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Trivia: Taylor's first name, George, is never mentioned in the film. He is referred to only as "Taylor."

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Chosen answer: Dr. Zaius did know the true history of man and ape, but he deliberately hid the truth from the other apes. For Zaius (and other high-ranking apes who were guarding the secret), it would be shameful and demoralizing to ever admit that humans were far superior to apes in the past and that they could, potentially, conquer the apes. In more than one scene (such as the paper airplane scene in the first film), we see Zaius obviously frustrated that Taylor's very existence threatens to expose the truth.

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