Elysium (2013)

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Corrected entry: There are two plot holes in the factory that Matt Damon works in, where they build droids. There are very sophisticated droids throughout the movie performing several different tasks. So why is he working there where his job is to stamp sheet metal, attach it with bolts, and then move the droids to the oven? Surely a droid would be capable of this work, and with the factory's high level of production they would likely be able to afford a generic one for those menial tasks. Also, what is the purpose of the giant oven that irradiates everything inside? It can't be to temper or treat the metal of the droids, because then you have radioactive robots, which also means this can't be a way of charging up their batteries/ power plant. Plus they're assembled by this time, so it's irradiating the wires, hydraulics, and circuitry as well.

Correction: Both points in this entry are based on assumptions and unknown information. It's entirely plausible that at this point in the future human labor is actually less costly than robot labor. Also, not knowing the purpose of the radiation is not a mistake. Watching the film my assumption was that the radiation room was some sort of test of the materials to be sure they could withstand radiation.

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John Carlyle: Droids, there appears to be some type of wheeled vehicle with one - two occupants, they are armed and I'd like them dead.



When the shuttles are approaching the station, their engines are firing from the rear, meaning they are in constant acceleration toward the station. When arriving at a station, you would need to slow down as you approach, meaning the engines should be firing forward (or the shuttle should reverse direction). This happens in all scenes where shuttles are approaching the station.