Sailor of the King

Sailor of the King (1953)

2 mistakes

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Factual error: When the captain of the Essen is interviewing Brown, he claims that "No British light cruiser captain would engage the Essen." In fact, history has shown that RN, RAN and RNZN captains could be depended upon to place their ships in harm's way against a superior enemy. River Plate, the Jervis Bay, HMAS Sydney, and Craddock at Coronel are ample proof of Nelson's influence..."No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy."

Factual error: If we are to assume that the British cruisers were Dido class with 5.25" guns, the assertion that the Essen would outrange them by 5000 yards is pretty much true. However, in order for the Brits to launch torpedoes, they would have had to close to inside of 20K yards, well within range of their main guns. Thus said, if the British cruisers were any of their 6 inch gun class, there would have been no advantage in range.

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