Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Corrected entry: Why doesn't Qui-Gon know the Force doesn't work on Watto's race? The fact that Watto knows that Jedi mental manipulation won't work on his race means that many Jedi must have tried and failed against various Toydarians often enough for it to be a commonly known fact amongst his people. Any such vulnerabilities in the Jedi would be common knowledge among them.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Just because Watto knows that mind tricks don't work on Toydarians doesn't mean that it is common knowledge that the Jedi should also be aware of. Also, there are literally hundreds of species in the Star Wars universe, it isn't out of the question that Qui Gonn doesn't recognize what race Watto is.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film during the final lightsaber battle, Darth Maul stabs Qui-Gon in the stomach with his lightsaber blade. When he pulls it from his body, Qui-Gon abruptly collapses to the ground. When he falls, his hands and position change between shots. (02:00:00)


Correction: There is a shot in between, and Qui-Gon isn't dead but dying, so could have moved himself.

Corrected entry: Darth Maul only blinks once, just after he is sliced in half by Obi-Wan.

Correction: It is a misconception that Darth Maul blinks only once. He also blinks just after his lightsaber is cut in two.


Corrected entry: Jedi are not supposed to have a lot of possessions, yet when Anakin leaves Tattooine, he gets to take a whole pack of stuff with him. Because Qui-Gon is so sure that the Council will want Anakin trained, he shouldn't have asked or allowed Anakin to bring stuff from his old life.

Correction: First of all its not a lot of stuff only a small backpack, second of all the boy would have a hard enough time having to leave his mother, why make it harder on him by denying him a few possessions for the trip.


Corrected entry: In the space battle when Anakin starts the explosion inside the space station, a male pilot says "We didn't did it." It's correct to say "We didn't do it."

Correction: The pilot says "We didn't hit it". Even if he had said the line as the submitter suggests, it would only be a character mistake, since a little slip up like that would be understandable in a situation where you are fighting for the survival of your people.


Corrected entry: Anakin's Rodian friend is, according to the original script, Greedo, the bounty hunter blasted by Han Solo in A New Hope.

Correction: No he's not. Greedo's scene (where he's beaten up by Anakin and warned by Qui-Gon that he'll get into trouble with his attitude problem) was cut from the film. The Rodian is named Wald. (

Corrected entry: How come droids (with computer brains) CAN'T HIT ANYTHING?!?! Stormtrooper syndrome, methinks.

Correction: When you can field an army of tens of thousands of robots and it's no big deal, accuracy isn't a problem - there's no point putting effort into pinpoint targeting when another 5 dirt cheap droids will ensure you get the job done. When precision is needed, they use the Droidekas.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: The guns are probably pretty cheap too. The droids are only as accurate as their guns.

Corrected entry: When Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon ignite their lightsabers in the Trade Federation ship, you can hear the sound of, not two, but three lightsabers igniting. (00:05:00)

Correction: The buzzing sound is heard three times during that second yes, but that sound isn't made from igniting the lightsaber. Every time you move the lightsaber with some speed it makes that sound. So the third sound is made when Qui-Gon moves his lightsaber a little to the right.

Corrected entry: As Qui-Gon is weighing his options for payment, Anakin states, "there's a big race tomorrow..." However, the race is the day after tomorrow, as Anakin spends the next day getting his pod ready for the race and another evening follows.


Correction: Anakin says that line during lunch, they go back to the shop to make the deal, Anakin preps his pod-racer that afternoon and when he is talking to Qui-Gon that night, Gui-Gon says "you have a big day tomorrow."

Corrected entry: When Darth Maul is kicked off the platform by Qui Gon Jinn, his lightsaber blade bounces off of his chest when he lands, but no damage is done to his clothing or body.

Correction: With careful examination you can see that the hilt bounces off his chest, but the blades do not. The blades do not even touch his clothing, thus no damage.

Corrected entry: When Jar-Jar drops the wrench after electrocuting himself we can see it fell into the hole of the engine but he retrieves it in the front intake (jammed, of all things) which is more than a foot away from the hole.

Correction: An engine is not one solid piece. The wrench fell into a hole on top, but went through the various inside openings of the engine and stopped at the end rotor.

Quantom X

Corrected entry: During the meal in Anakin's home, Jar Jar snatches a fruit with his tongue, but in the next shot the fruit is not attached to his tongue any longer (easier to see frame by frame), even though we see him swallow it. (00:39:30)

Correction: If you look more closely, or play it in slow motion, you can see that he doesn't manage to take the piece of fruit and that it stays in the bowl. When he swallows, he actually gulps in embarrassment.


Corrected entry: As the cockpit of Anakin's starfighter closes, his mouth is moving as if he's talking, but nothing is heard. (01:47:00)


Correction: His mouth is barely moving. Regardless, people make soundless mouth and facial movements all the time.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Darth Maul takes his hoverbike thing after finding the missing Jedi, you can see a pair of tire tracks from a car or truck.

Matty W

Correction: Vehicles with tires/treads can be seen in at least one of the Star Wars movies. Just because we don't see them onscreen is no reason to believe that wheeled vehicles don't exsist on Tatooine or Naboo.


Corrected entry: The same actor plays Nute Gunray, one of the Naboo pilots, one of the Senators, and the Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Correction: Information that can be gleaning simply by watching the credits is not good trivia.


Corrected entry: Darth Maul should feel how strong Anakin is in the Force, yet he doesn't mention to his master that a Force-strong boy is traveling with the Jedi. If Sidious had told Maul about Anakin ahead of time, then Maul wouldn't try to hurt the boy with his speeder bike.

Correction: Saying what a character should or shouldn't do is generally a character mistake, if that. Maul was intent on getting the Jedi he was instructed to eliminate. From what we can see he only came close to hitting Anakin nothing else. While he may have been told to watch out for the boy or felt he was strong with the force this is just presumptious and there is no film mistake here.


Correction: Obviously, because as the race goes on he gets more and more dirt on his face. That's common logic.

Corrected entry: When Darth Sidious talks to Darth Maul on the balcony, it is the same as Senator Palpatine's apartments.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That is not in the least bit surprising seeing as Darth Sidious and Palpatine are one and the same. Furthermore, this is not even valid trivia in that it is pointing out something which is obvious to anyone who watches the movie.

Corrected entry: When Obi-Wan and Qui Gon are fighting Darth Maul, they leap onto a ledge where Maul is at. Watch closely as the camera pans out, you can see Maul trip and almost fall down.


Correction: Believe it or not but when you listen to the DVD commentary, this is supposed to happen.

Corrected entry: Just before the announcer says, '...that's gotta hurt.' (about midway through the pod race) and again at the end of the race, watch carefully when the shot focuses on the audience cheering and you'll see a giant skeleton head being lifted a bit by the person next to it. (They may have used the same shot twice.) There's no way this prop can be confused with an alien audience member; I guess the extras were bored that day.


Correction: It is not a skeletal head, and it is not being lifted. It is the head of an alien standing up. You can see another member of his/her species in the lower right hand corner.

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Revealing mistake: When Qui-Gon, Jar-Jar, and Padme are eating at Anakin's house, Anakin's mum pours water for Qui-Gon. But when she gets to Jar-Jar, she tips the pitcher but no water comes out. (00:39:10)

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Trivia: In the ending credits, Jabba the Hutt is jokingly credited as playing "himself."

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Question: I'm confused. Palpatine wanted to use Queen Amidala to get himself voted as chancellor so he could have control over the republic. Why did he send Darth Maul after the Queen's ship when it escaped if he needed the Queen alive?

Answer: The entire time Palpatine is bitching to Viceroy Gunray that he needs the Queen to sign the treaty to make the blockade and invasion legal. He didn't send Darth Maul to kill Amidala, he sent him to capture her and to deal with her Jedi escort.

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