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Pet Sematary (1989)

30 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: When Ellie falls off the tire swing at the beginning of the film, the tire shown in the first shot of her on the ground is not the same one that was tied to the tree. It is a whitewall tire with brand new tread, and the rope is nowhere to be seen in this shot. A moment later when her parents run over, the older worn-down tire with the rope tied around it reappears. (00:05:10)

Continuity mistake: When Jud asks for the picture from Ellie, he grabs it with one hand. When the camera cuts he is holding onto it with both hands. (00:49:15)

Visible crew/equipment: As the wife runs to the airplane through the line of passengers on her way back to the house from her parents in Chicago you can see a movie light and reflector reflected in the glass window. (01:11:00)

Continuity mistake: Right at the beginning, a little girl does a somersault and her hat falls off. In the next shot as she's running, she has her hat back on.


Revealing mistake: When Louis gives Gage the lethal injection, because the syringe is transparent you can actually see the prop needle retract in and out of the syringe as he supposedly injects Gage.


Revealing mistake: When the mother gets into an accident after her tire blows, the ghost shows up. It is floating above her car. Notice the seam where the ghost is on the car. When the scene shakes slightly, the ghost shakes too indicating it was a poorly superimposed shot.


Revealing mistake: When Lewis is trying to get Gage off him, as he's struggling with the scalpel, you can plainly see its not really Gage but a dummy made to look like him. Looks like a doll.

Continuity mistake: There is no knife on the table when the wife enters the kitchen at the very end, however, she walks straight to Louis, hugs him and then magically a knife appears at the edge of the table which she picks up and uses to stab him (implied - the movie actually ends at that point).

Revealing mistake: When Louis goes to give Gage the shot if you look closely you can see that the needle doesn't leave a puncture mark.

Revealing mistake: When the housekeeper hangs herself, you can tell the rope isn`t even around her neck. It is obviously connected to a harness around her torso.

Continuity mistake: When Louis goes to dig up Gage's body, the grave is covered with purple and white flowers and purple ribbons. A police car drives up with the lights on and Louis turns to look; after Pascow warns Louis not to cross the barrier because the earth is sour, then the camera cuts back to Louis, and the flowers and ribbons are gone but the earth in front of the gravestone has been disturbed and mysteriously a yellow bunch of flowers appears to the right. Yellow is used extensively throughout.

Continuity mistake: When Jud is falling asleep on his porch he has 5 beers on the table. When he awakens there is only 1 beer on the table.

Continuity mistake: When Ellie falls from the tree after the rope from the tyre breaks, Louis runs with his wife to see how she is. Louis is wearing a white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. When Rachael yells "Gage!", now you see Louis wearing a white striped unbuttoned shirt and sunglasses. But when Louis is running for Gage, he's back to his white plain T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Continuity mistake: When the high schoolers are carrying Victor's body up in a blanket, and somebody yells "Where's Dr. Creed? Get him up here," the grip of the girl in the blue sweater on the blanket changes between shots.

Revealing mistake: When Lewis gets out of the tub and has a towel around him, you can see he has underwear on.

Continuity mistake: After Gage has been killed and Judd comes in the kitchen to comfort Louis, Louis is sitting at the kitchen table and Judd goes to sit down on a chair that is tucked up to the table. In the immediate next shot Judd sits down without pulling the chair away from the table.


Continuity mistake: As Rachel frantically tries to get home, the left front tire of her rental car blows out causing her to lose control. But when the car swerves off the road the tire is fully inflated.

Revealing mistake: When Louis sets Gage's lifeless body on fire, it becomes apparent that it is a stunt dummy. The body resembles a small, pale mannequin with vague facial features and a wig.


Continuity mistake: When Louis lifts his cat up, saying "You stink Church" in one shot his left hand is gripping Church around the stomach, but in the next it grips him around the neck.

Louis Creed: My father used to have a saying, Jud. God sees the truth... But waits.

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Trivia: In the scene of Missy's funeral, Stephen King plays the priest.

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Answer: Because in the book, the sign at the entrance to the "Pet Semetary" was written by some anonymous child. Clearly he/she couldn't spell that well yet.

Grumpy Scot

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