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Corrected entry: When Mullins and Ashburn are tied to chairs, Mullins devises an idea to hide her freed hands behind her back to surprise the bad guys when they come in. Larkin comes in shortly after, and Mullins has her untied hands blatantly sitting in her lap while Larkin is talking to them. Later in the scene, her hands are back behind her back.

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Correction: The two DEA agents come in whom they think they can trust, so why hide hands? Later when one turns out to be the head thug, maybe he doesn't notice her free hands. When he is joined by the knife guy, she hides her hands again.

Corrected entry: In the bar scene, Sara and Shannon bang glasses together - one breaks and cuts Sarah's hand. She has a deep wound on her right hand, which she puts a bandage on. In the next scene at Denny's, Sarah no longer has a cut or bandage on her hand.

Correction: If you slow down the film, you can see a flesh-colored bandaid has been applied.

Correction: The bandage is on her hand... go back and look at the scene.

Corrected entry: When Shannon and Sarah first meet up with DEA agents Craig and Adam after leaving club Ekko, Sarah is wearing her "sexy" altered work clothes. As she walks away, you can see that she's wearing knee-high, spike-heeled boots. However, earlier in the day her boots had more of a chunky, sensible heel. She never changed her boots, because she had no idea Shannon would be giving her outfit a makeover.

Correction: This is not a mistake. There was time elapsed between the scenes described here and since we do not see Sarah's shoes when she enters the club, there is no way to tell what she is wearing.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the end of the movie where Sandra Bullock is stabbed in the leg by one of the villains, there is no evidence of blood in that scene or any scene afterwards.

Correction: Adrenalin was rushing through her when she was first stabbed and all through that scene. So blood would not have been gushing from the wound. And Shannon bandaged her up later so when the adrenaline was gone, it was covered.

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