The Shoes of the Fisherman
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Dr. Ruth Faber: We're all in prison one way or another.
Kiril Lakota: Yes, and those who understand it, suffer most of all.

Kiril Lakota: There is only one area to search. And if love is mislaid, where did you see it last? And if you can't remember, maybe there was no love in the first place.
Dr. Ruth Faber: Oh, there was.
Kiril Lakota: Then it is mislaid and you must find it.

Kiril Lakota: Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and not charity, I am become a sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. Though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains and have not charity, I am nothing.

Kiril Lakota: Mr. Chairman, what is your revolution built on? What is Russia's revolution built on? One man who spent most of his life in the British Museum who is buried in a tiny cemetery in England. Karl Marx never carried a gun, he was never fought on the barricades. All he had was words, words and an idea, which in 60 years has changed the face of the earth.

George Faber: It's the Russian. Kiril Lakota. They've elected a Russian Pope.

Fr. David Telemond: It is strange. When a president dies, he's replaced within an hour. When a king dies, long live the king. When a pope dies, everything stops.

George Faber: Were you permitted to practice your ministry as a priest?
Kiril Lakota: No, I - I practiced it without permission among my fellow prisoners.
George Faber: Do you see any hope then for the day when Christian faith, or more specifically the Roman Catholic faith, may be practiced freely in Marxist countries?
Kiril Lakota: I have no inside information as to how the Kingdom of God is going to be established.

Other mistake: When Bp. Lakota is being interviewed by George Faber when he is just off the plane from Russia, he responds to a question by addressing Faber by name, Mr. Faber. It is extremely unlikely that Lakota could have known Faber's name beforehand.

William Lanigan

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