The Pelican Brief

Corrected entry: When Gray and Darby go to see Gavin's wife, Gray says, "We believe it wasn't an accidental murder." Since when is a murder accidental?


Correction: They weren't seeing Gavin's wife. It was Morgan's wife they wanted to talk to. Morgan (known as Garcia in most of the film) was supposedly killed in a random mugging incident. Gray's remark means he believes the mugging/killing of Morgan was not a random accident, but a planned assassination.

Corrected entry: Upon learning from one of Edward Linney's fellow classmates that he is staying at Parklane hospital, Gray and Darby head right over to see if he can identify "Garcia" from the photo. At the hospital, Gray distracts the receptionist while Darby sneaks in. She runs upstairs and goes straight to Edward's room. How did she know which room Edward was in? The friend never tells Gray, Edward's home phone was disconnected, and at the hospital, Darby doesn't speak with Gray, he just waves her in.


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Correction: Linney's name was on the door to his room. Assuming all the patients' names were on the doors to their rooms, Darby would have no problem finding Linney's room, even if we don't actually see her checking names on other doors.

Corrected entry: Darby tells a man (whom she's never met before) to wear a red ball cap when she is to meet him the next day. No one, including the hitman who recorded the call, knew she was going to request the red cap, but it just so happens that there's a bright red ball cap there in the room.

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Correction: Actually, the scene showing the red cap is already the next day as Khamel is stuffing the pillow under his shirt to go and meet Darby. Thus Khamel would of had time to go out and acquire a red ball hat just as Gavin would have had to.

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Corrected entry: When Denzel Washington is photographing 'Garcia' at the pay phone, he never touches the shutter button on the camera. Washington is holding a phone with one hand and supporting the camera on a monopod with the other.


Correction: The shot goes back and forth from seeing Gray talking to Garcia on the phone and then shots of Garcia in the payphone booth. The clicks actually occur during the shots of Garcia, we don't see Gray.

Luna Negra

Corrected entry: In the scene at the end of the movie when Julia Roberts is leaving the airport, the plane appears to be black when it is leaving the hangar. When the plane lands at its destination it is white.

Correction: The plane leaving the hanger is also white. The hanger is dimly lit however, if you look carefully you can tell the plane is white. It just has shadows and low light around it.

Luna Negra

Corrected entry: In one scene, the sitcom 'Coach' is playing on TV. Craig T. Nelson starred in that show. He was also in this movie as the CIA agent.

Correction: Craig T. Nelson does not appear in this movie. The IMDB does not list this movie anywhere among his credits.

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In the hotel scene where Darby calls Gavin to give him the instructions to meet her the next day, he eats one of the chocolates on his pillow and throws it down. They show a close up of the chocolates. After Khamel murders Gavin, he walks to the bed, pulls the recording device and eats one of the chocolates. They are now in a different spot on the bed.