Autumn in New York

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Richard Gere and Winona Ryder star in a slow-paced tragic May/December romance...philanderer Will discovers true love with Charlotte, who's less than half his age but dying and with very little time left. Joan Chen tries to pull heartstrings and show off locales in New York City, but their relationship and the challenges it faces feel forced, and what they have in common is unclear. Can will outgrow his self-centered ways to support a mature relationship during the time that Charlotte has left? Will anyone care? This should have been much better.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: It's pretty interesting that Charlotte is supposed to be suffering from a terrible heart condition, yet whenever she's in the hospital, there's never a heart monitor anywhere around.

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Will: You don't want to die! You want to live.
Charlotte: You don't think I've been through this so many times? I don't want to give people hope when there isn't any.
Will: Why not? Maybe we need hope.

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