Oz the Great and Powerful

Corrected entry: When the wizard projects his face onto the white smoke, he does it in a carriage from behind the smoke. This works well for the sound, but it shouldn't be seen from where the witches are.

Correction: Why wouldn't it? The witches would just see a reverse image of what's being projected.

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Corrected entry: When Oz the Wizard first arrives in the Land of Oz, he helps the monkey. After the monkey pledges his life to him, Oz forces the monkey to carry his bag. The monkey struggles with the bag, and at time drags it along on the way to the Emerald City. Later, after the Wizard of Oz begins looking for the wicked witch, the monkey flies around with the bag in one hand. He continues to have no trouble with the bag in scenes following the drip to the dark forest.


Correction: Oz unpacked most of his stuff at the city so his bag was much lighter.

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Oz: How hard can it be to kill a Wicked Witch?



At the beginning of the movie, Oz gives his new assistant a gift, and leans in for a kiss. Both of them are seen to tilt their heads to their right for the kiss. The scene cuts to a wider shot, just before Frank barges in, and their heads are tilted to the left.



The wheelchair bound girl in Kansas who pleads to Oz to make her walk but Oz can't help, is played by Joey King, who is also the voice of China doll who has also got problems walking when Oz first finds her, but he manages to fix her legs with glue so she can walk again.