A Good Day to Die Hard

Trivia: Early in production, the film was under the working title "Die Hard 24/7", leading many media outlets and fans to speculate that the film was to be a crossover with another popular Fox property- the television series "24." (An unnamed studio insider even told a popular movie-reporting site that Fox had been tinkering with the idea very early in production to try and shake-up and revitalize both franchises.) The title and concept of the film were subsequently changed.

Trivia: The only film in the "Die Hard" franchise to specifically be written as an original "Die Hard" script not inspired by outside source materials. "Die Hard" was based on a novel titled "Nothing Lasts Forever." "Die Hard 2" was loosely adapted from another novel entitled "58 minutes." "Die Hard with a Vengeance" was a re-worked version of an earlier script entitled "Simon Says." "Live Free or Die Hard/Die Hard 4.0" was a combination of ideas inspired by a Wired Magazine article ("A Farewell to Arms") and elements from another script entitled "WW3.com." Ironically, despite being the only film in the franchise to be specifically conceived of as a "Die Hard" film, it was the lowest-rated film in the franchise by critics and audience polls.

Trivia: At just 97 minutes, it is the shortest of the "Die Hard" films by a large margin, being about an average of a half-hour shorter than any other film in the series, give or take a few minutes.

Trivia: Right before John pushes the truck onto the guardrail causing it to flip, he says: "Is that it? Is that your best shot?!" That line is directly from Die Hard 4, when John is fighting the F-35. (00:28:40)


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Yuri's daughter is getting away from the hotel, the color of the chopper changes from green to brown between shots.

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John McClane: Need a hug?
Jack McClane: We're not a hugging family.
John McClane: That's right.

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