A Good Day to Die Hard

Revealing mistake: In the opening chase with the armoured truck it comes up behind a blue car that is already dented on the near side, which is the side it slides round to so the truck hits it. It then gets pushed onto a silver van that is completely wrecked from previous takes.

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A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Yuri Komarov is on the phone with his daughter, the screen on the phone is the dial screen rather than the on-going call screen.



Revealing mistake: When the armoured truck hits the first parked car you can see the smoke appear at the side of the car and a jet of smoke when it flips from the air cannon.

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A Good Day to Die Hard mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the armored truck flies through the air and smashes into a concrete pipe that is being hauled by a yellow truck, there is a shot from in front of the yellow truck. You can see there is no driver.


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John McClane: Need a hug?
Jack McClane: We're not a hugging family.
John McClane: That's right.



In the scene when Yuri's daughter is getting away from the hotel, the color of the chopper changes from green to brown between shots.



At just 97 minutes, it is the shortest of the "Die Hard" films by a large margin, being about an average of a half-hour shorter than any other film in the series, give or take a few minutes.