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Jerry Wooters: Sarge, the whole town is under water, and you're grabbing a bucket when you should be grabbing a bathing suit.

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Mickey Cohen: Ah, the children of the night, what music they make.

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John O'Mara: I'm going after Mickey Cohen, and I need a gun-hand.
Max Kennard: Well, do you know it, I just happen to have one.

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Max Kennard: Christmas Ramirez is all right if you're a burlesque dancer, but I keep on telling him, it's no kind of name for a lawman.

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Jerry Wooters: Playing hot potato with a grenade isn't much of a strategy.

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Sgt. Jerry Wooters: Don't go.
Grace Faraday: Don't let me.

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Officer Coleman Harris: I always knew I'd die in Burbank.

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Grace Faraday: Where have you been all my miserable life?
Sgt. Jerry Wooers: Drinking.
Grace Faraday: That's no profession.

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In a scene where the nightclub singer with the tropical fruit headwear is on stage, she is singing into a classic RCA 77D microphone which is correct for the period, but in a mistake often made in movies that are set in this era, the microphone is wrongly positioned. It is leaning toward the singer when in fact this type of mic is spoken to from the side, not the end. To work correctly it was always pointed away from the singer or placed in a vertical position for side pickup.