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Gangster Squad (2013)


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Jerry Wooters: Sarge, the whole town is under water, and you're grabbing a bucket when you should be grabbing a bathing suit.

Jerry Wooters: Playing hot potato with a grenade isn't much of a strategy.

John O'Mara: I'm going after Mickey Cohen, and I need a gun-hand.
Max Kennard: Well, do you know it, I just happen to have one.

Max Kennard: Christmas Ramirez is all right if you're a burlesque dancer, but I keep on telling him, it's no kind of name for a lawman.

Officer Coleman Harris: I always knew I'd die in Burbank.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sgt O'Mara rescues the girl from Cohen's thugs, when the Murphy bed closes, she is head-down. When he opens the bed, she is standing right-side up.


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Question: When the sharp shooter said to Ramirez, "That's my boy", was that meant to imply that Ramirez is actually his son?

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Chosen answer: No, this is explained when O'Mara recruits Kennard. Kennard says that nobody would work with Ramirez because of his Latino heritage, so Kennard took him under his wing. And while he did that, he also taught Ramirez to shoot just as good he can, because before that, Ramirez was a lousy shot.


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