Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever (1991)


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Movie Quote Quiz

Gator Purify: I swear before God... and four more white people! This is the last time.

The Good Reverend Doctor Purify: Have you lost your natural mind, as well as your soul?

Flipper Purify: Mine! Mine! Mine.
Jerry: Ego! Ego! Ego.

Flipper Purify: There's something you should know. I'm having an affair.
Cyrus: H-bomb! H-bomb.
Flipper Purify: It gets worse. She's white.
Cyrus: Nuclear holocaust.

Frankie Botz: He stole a radio out of my fucking car.
Vinny: How do you know?
Frankie Botz: How do I know? He fucking tried to sell it back to me.

Lou Carbone: You hate your own father.
Paulie Carbone: I'd like to kill you, but I don't hate you.

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