One Night at McCool's

One Night at McCool's (2001)

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Corrected entry: Paul Reiser tells the doctor that he introduced Liv Tyler to the lawyer, who she killed after going out with him, but this must have happened after John Goodman banned Matt Dillon from his house. The reason is that John Goodman told Liv Tyler that she'd need a lawyer. The mistake is that John Goodman only came to talk to Liv Tyler because they found the lawyer dead in his house. Why would she want to be introduced to the lawyer if she doesn't know she'll need one?

Correction: It was because she wanted his DVD, remember.


Corrected entry: Liv Tyler gets hit in the face by the lawyer who tries to rape her leaving this large shining bruise on her face. The policeman notices this and questions her about it. The next day when he returns to check up on her her bruise has gone.

Correction: She could've easily covered it up with makeup.


Continuity mistake: When Matt Dillon first meets Liv Tyler, after he says, "And there she was," when she turns her dress is off her left shoulder, but in the next close-up her dress is properly on her shoulder, then in the next shot it's down again. (00:07:50)

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Randy: There's the ten-thousand dollars... well, aren't you gonna count it?
Mr. Burmeister: Nah.
Randy: You trust me?
Mr. Burmeister: No, but I kill people.

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