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Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) kills Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) by throwing her out a window and gives her a dose of the drug Slow-Mo before tossing her. Even though Ma-Ma has a set of explosives rigged to her pulse, Dredd believes that the signal won't reach the building's top floors. Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) accepts that she didn't pass her evaluation because she was disarmed during the mission, but the Chief Judge asks Dredd if Anderson passed or failed, and he says that she passed.


Revealing mistake: When Dredd throws Kay onto the table, Kay is supposedly handcuffed, but his hands spread apart way further than they should have.

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Trivia: Throughout the entire film, Dredd only refers to Anderson by name three times: Once during the drug bust before they arrest Kay, again after she reads Kay's mind, and finally, right before Dredd tells Anderson her assessment is over. Every other time, he calls her "Rookie."

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Question: Why doesn't Kay kill Anderson after he grabs her and takes the elevator up to Ma-Ma? Or at least, why doesn't Ma-Ma kill her when Kay comes in with her? They were intent on killing the Judges and didn't care about the consequences. So what was Ma-Ma hoping to accomplish having her as a hostage that she couldn't try to accomplish without one? At this point, she already had the 4 crooked Judges on their way.


Answer: Kay wanted to punish her for what she did to him earlier. Ma-Ma wanted leverage against Dredd should he get past her Judges.


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