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Correction: The requirement to use freeze frame invalidates this entry.

Corrected entry: Mrs. Thorn (Lee Remmick) is falling from the 2nd floor - she turns in mid-air and lands on her stomach, but in the closeups of her face she is lying on her back.

Correction: No, she falls into the ambulance on her back. She flips in midair and is facing upward, with her legs up in the air above her, just as she crashes into the ambulance.

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Corrected entry: The ambassador phones his wife in hospital and insists that she gets ready to leave. However he is well aware that she is barely able to move and quite seriously injured, and he would probably not tell her to leave without consulting one of the doctors. In the book it is she that insists on leaving, whereas he tries to stop her, which seems a lot more plausible.

Correction: Ambassador Thorn had already made arrangements for his contact at the embassy, Tom, to meet her at the hospital. Chances are that he planned for Tom to meet her and help her pack up, not that she'd get up and start changing clothes right away. At any rate, he was desperate to get her out of there, so his asking her to get ready to leave is far from impossible.

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Corrected entry: Right before the priest gets it in the neck, he is running towards the church. It is very stormy and windy out. In half the shots, the sky is blue, in the other half, it is stormy. Was the scene shot on two different days?

Correction: No, the variation from sunny to stormy was used to show that the priest was caught between two very powerful forces (God=sunny, Satan=stormy/black), and was intentional. Once the priest was dead, the sun returned, the battle having been over.

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Corrected entry: When the guy's head gets cut off, there are two expressions on the head's face. The first expression on the head is a look of surprise. The next expression, the mouth is smiling.

Correction: It wasn't a smile, so much as a grimace.

Corrected entry: Right before the wife falls out of the hospital window, we can see her struggle to get her nightgown over her head because of the cast. However when she falls out of the window, she has no cast at all!

Correction: Look closely. There is a white cast on her right arm throughout the whole fall.


Visible crew/equipment: When the ambassador and the photographer are in the cemetery getting attacked by the dogs there are men standing behind a tree. I'm assuming they're the trainers - they are located when the photographer is trying to hop the fence. Look in the back right hand corner - there are about two or three men standing there. (01:21:15)

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Damien: Please, Daddy! No, Daddy, no.

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Trivia: Richard Donner was originally wary of sending the script to Gregory Peck. Combined with the original ending, in which Robert kills Damien, and the fact that Peck's son had recently committed suicide, Donner thought offering the film to him was distasteful. But to Donner's surprise, Peck agreed relatively quickly to do the film.

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Question: How could Damien's mother be a jackal? That has always thrown me for a loop and I could never understand why they'd do that unless it was for entertainment purposes. I mean, I know it's Hollywood and all but that's just too far-fetched.


Chosen answer: The idea wasn't entirely Hollywood's. The antichrist is sometimes said to be "born of a jackal. " Jackals are mentioned in the Bible, and some interpretations consider them a symbol of something that is "not of God." In the movie, it means that the kid was scary as hell, literally.


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