Red Tails

Continuity mistake: The scene shot when Lt. "Lightning" Little first goes to meet Sophia was also shot at the same time as when Capt. "Easy" Julian arrives to tell Sophia of Lightning's death. The jeep is the same jeep, parked in the same exact spot; even the laundry on the line is exactly the same. (00:23:05 - 01:56:00)


Continuity mistake: When Lightning drives off to meet with Sophia for the first time, he gets into a Jeep with the number 20860779, but when he arrives at Sophia's house, the Jeep has the number 20207765.

Continuity mistake: The red tail pilot parachutes into snow, but when shown from above there is no sign of snow.

Factual error: The German fighters depicted in the film are Messerchmitt Bf 109 G-6s, and every single one of them is using the Rüstsatz VI gun pod, that is, 2 extra 20mm Mg 151 cannons. The Luftwaffe only equipped their Bf 109s with the gun pods when they were going to intercept bombers. In this movie, even on the fighter vs fighter missions, they have these gun pods, which is inaccurate, because the gun pods dramatically reduced the turning performance of the Bf 109s.

André Vinícius

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