J. Edgar

Trivia: Before production began, Judi Dench was still suffering from a toe injury she obtained whilst working on her previous movie. She didn't tell anyone about the injury as she didn't want to lose her role.

Continuity mistake: J. Edgar takes his secretary-to-be on a date and tries to impress her by showing off his card system for cataloguing books in the Library of Congress. When he runs to the book shelves he brushes past an open book set up on a display stand - sitting on a sheet of glass. The glass moves when he touches it and hangs off the edge of the table. When he returns seconds later the glass is back in place, centered on the table. His date did not move; she was still standing where he left her a few feet away and they were the only two people in the Library.

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J. Edgar Hoover: What's important at this time is to re-clarify the difference between hero and villain.

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