What's Your Number?

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Anna Faris and Chris Evans star as friends Ally Darling and Colin Shea in a well-meaning, silly little paint-by-numbers romantic comedy where a young woman reconnects with various past boyfriends as she seeks her special someone while trying to figure out who she is and what she actually wants out of her life and relationships. It's as light and fluffy as a spoonful of whipped cream for dessert-sweet, but pretty empty.

Visible crew/equipment: In the shot where Faris is running to Evans's room to get him away from his one-night stand, as she passes the staircase you can see a shadow with movements that don't coincide with those of Faris. Deductive logic can be used to determine that this shadow is that of a member of the crew.

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Jake Adams: Well if I wasn't your first, at least I can be your last.
Ally Darling: Why? Are you going to rape and kill me?

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