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John Dean: Can I ask you a question? How the hell do you have the temerity to blackmail the President of the United States?
E. Howard Hunt: That's not the question, John. The question is: why is he paying?

Richard M. Nixon: They can't impeach me for bombing Cambodia. The president can bomb anybody he likes.

J. Edgar Hoover: I want to see him.
Clyde Tolson: He works in the kitchen, Edgar.
J. Edgar Hoover: Not the boy, idiot. Nixon.

John Ehrlichman: You got people dying because he didn't make the varsity football team. You got the Constitution hanging by a thread because the old man went to Whittier instead of Yale.

E. Howard Hunt: John, sooner or later, sooner, I think, you're gonna learn a lesson that's been learned by everyone who's ever gotten close to Richard Nixon. That he's the darkness reaching out for the darkness. And eventually, it's either you or him. Your grave's already been dug, John.

Pat Nixon: When do the rest of us stop paying OFF your debts?

Richard M. Nixon: Presidents don't threaten. They don't have to.

Gordon Liddy: We rendezvous where? The Watergate, room 214. When? At 0300 hours.
Frank Sturgis, Watergate Burglar: Jawohl, Mein Fartenfuhrer.

Richard M. Nixon: Always remember: others may hate you. But those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.

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