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Apollo 18 (2011)

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Corrected entry: There is no possible way an American could know how to operate a Russian lander off the top of his head. He would also be unable to read any of the gauges or meters due to the fact that they are in Russian.


Correction: One of them said that their systems aren't that different from ours. And since he was trapped there for some time until receiving help from Freedom, he must've familiarized himself with the layout of the spacecraft in the meantime.

Michael Paek

Corrected entry: The Westinghouse TV camera outside the LEM has a motion sensor that zooms into moving objects paranormal-activity style. Let's not forget that this is 1974, and cameras - especially cameras designed to work in a vacuum environment on the moon - were not equipped with motion sensors at all.

Jackson Tyler

Correction: That must come as a considerable surprise to the designers at Westinghouse, who made the cameras which filmed the ascent of the lunar module at the end of the Apollo 12, 14 and 15 missions. They all had motion sensors.

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