Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
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Argonaut: Villains do love their secret hideouts to have a theme.

Cecil Wilson: Well, this is obviously the panic room.
Rebecca Wilson: Why?
Cecil Wilson: 'Cause it's a room, and I'm panicking.

Tick Tock: No one ever notices time, until it's gone.

Danger D'Amo: You were right. You can't go back. I tried. My father still died. No matter what I tried to do to save him. He did tell me one thing that was very important. You have to live life moving forwards, not back. This time, I'm gonna listen to him.

Argonaut: You're more impressed by a kid standing up than a dog that can talk?

Continuity mistake: When Tick Tock freezes Rebecca and Cecil, they are in one position, and when they go to the close up of them frozen, they are in a different position. When it zooms back out again they are in the first position. Also, when they are frozen moving on the conveyor belt, they are back in the position they were in on the close up shot. (00:47:50 - 00:48:10)

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Trivia: Danny Trejo does not have a single line of dialogue in the movie.

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