The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Essentially there is a love triangle between all three; captors and captive Danny is boyfriend to Alice Creed but is bysexual as Vic is his gay lover, who his known since they were cell mates in prison. Vic finds out that Danny's two timing him, so shoots him, but Danny manages to get the gun away from Vic and fatally guns him down. He then leaves with the ill gotten cash while Vic, his life bleeding out of him, manages to toss over the keys to Alice's cuffs prior to dying. Alice escapes and finds Danny has crashed his getaway vehicle having succumbed to shock/bloodloss. Alice then drags his body out onto the side of the road to take off with the money.


Continuity mistake: Vic is consoling Danny, with his hand round his neck. Towards the end of the scene his hand suddenly jumps to Danny's shoulder.

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