The Informers

Jack (Brad Renfro) pretends that he killed the kidnapped kid by smearing his hands with his own blood. He secretly lets the kid go and joins Peter (Mickey Rourke) and Mary as they drive off to get away from the ones who wanted the kid. Tim doesn't want to spend time with his dad and tells him that they have nothing to talk about. Graham tells Martin that he feels scared and empty because there's no one to tell him what's right and wrong. Graham gets a call from the beach house and heads over there because Christie is really sick. Graham talks with Christie and she says that she just wants to lay on the beach. Graham leaves her there alone.

Racer X

Nina Metro: She's really sick. She needs to see a doctor, but she's so stubborn we can't talk her into it.
Graham Sloan: Well, where's her dad?
Nina Metro: He's on location in Italy.
Graham Sloan: That's an answer?
Nina Metro: She needs help, Graham.
Graham Sloan: Why do you think I can help her?
Nina Metro: Well, aren't you the one that loves her?
Graham Sloan: What's that gonna fix? Is that gonna help her?

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