New this month Trivia: Before signing on as Odin, Sir Anthony Hopkins had never read a Thor comic, nor even knew anything about the Thor mythology.

Trivia: Hang around right until the very end of the credits for a scene which further ties in Thor to a future Avengers movie.

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Trivia: Stan Lee makes his customary appearance as the driver of the white pickup truck that tries to free Mjolnir from the ground. (00:36:10)


Trivia: When Agent Coulson asks for someone to "go up top" to get a good firing position on Thor when he tries to take Mjolnir, it is Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, who will go on to feature in The Avengers. (00:56:10)


Trivia: In Odin's vault lots of artifacts from the comics can be seen such as the eternal flame, tablet of life and time, and briefly the infinity gauntlet of Thanos.

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Trivia: Thor enters the pet store and calls for a horse, and then Jane picks him up in her Pinzgauer 716 truck. The joke is that the Pinzgauer is named after an Austrian breed of horse, thus Thor got a ride on a horse.

Trivia: Odin arrives on Jotunheim riding an eight-legged horse. This horse is called "Sleipnir", and in Norse Mythology is an offspring of Loki.


Trivia: The T-shirt Jane gives Thor has the name tag Donald Blake MD. In the comics Donald Blake is Thor's alter ego.

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